Flying in a hot-air-balloon is an exquisite feeling anywhere in the world. But flying in Cappadocia is actually a privilege. The sort of flights we do here can not be done anywhere else in the whole world. All you can do with a hot air balloon is to make it go up or down, and make the balloon rotate around itself. Therefore the balloon is totally dependent on the prevailing wind and goes where the wind takes it.

Here in Cappadocia we fly within the valleys and around the fairy chimneys, very close to the ground, and the flights are so perfect, one would think that the balloon actually had steering facilities. But the explanation is rather simple. Cappadocia being in the middle of what is known as continental climate, there is a great difference of temperature between night and day. During the night, there accumulates a mass of cold air within the valleys. This mass begins to flow just like a river around sunrise time. It is thanks to this reliable flow that we manage to perform the astonishing flights that we do almost every day of the year.

Having achieved breakthroughs, Anatolian Balloons has the largest fleet and passenger capacity in the world in addition to the fact that it holds the only ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate. 

We are proud to offer the best services to our passengers. 

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We took our magical flight with Captain Sefa on Wednesday 21th Agust. Truly the most wonderful experience of our lives. The expert skills of the pilot enabled us to enjoy the wonderful landscape from every angle, high and low.
WOW!! what a fantastic balloons ride. We were stayed at the Tourist Hotel in Cappadocia. We awoke to the breathtaking sight of the HOT AIR BALLOONS already up, it was a magic scene, and the flight was so smooth and professionaly done, for us 13 AUSSIES it was a real treat on the 21st April 2009. Oi, Oi Oi
Irene Russell